Unsolved Issues in the 5.1b1 - master


1. Users of php 7.3 should replace \include\thirdparty\JShrink --> minifier.php ( momentary version 1.0 )

with Version 1.33 which has further bugfixes , available at  https://github.com/tedious/JShrink/releases

2.  /include/Page/Edit.php ---- line 1111

$is_wrapper = count($types) > 1 || is_array($types[0]); 

gives a debug error ::

Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /include/Page/Edit.php on line 1111.

should be with  inserted  (array)  :

$is_wrapper = count((array)$types) > 1 || is_array($types[0]);

3. Typesetter - Master uses the Leafo-Scssphp - Version 0.76,  for which an update to version 0.84 is available.

    But then some scss-templates needs to be patched  : \themes\Bootswatch4_Scss\_common\common_variables.scss

  for example to add : $nav-link-height: 3em !global ;


4. For the layout-editor Codemirror are updates available, which can be downloaded at  https://cdnjs.com/libraries/codemirror/5.48.4

and copied into \include\thirdparty\codemirror\mode\css  and  \include\thirdparty\codemirror\lib (3 files).

For Linenumbers a forumtip


    As there seems to be no support at the moment, i have published a beta2 with all known issuses at Github, which includes now Ckeditor 4.62 and Scssphp1.04 for php7.4 - and a blue skin.